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Hatton National Bank PLC

Hatton National Bank PLC

Hatton National Bank PLC is a leading private (non-government-owned) bank in Sri Lanka with 250 branches and 422 ATMs. It has eight representative offices in the UAE, Bahrain, Italy, Oman, and Qatar. With such an immense operations network and a high level of cash flow as well as large numbers of customers coming through the branches daily, the security of each branch has become an increasing challenge for Hatton National Bank PLC.


Analog Cameras (MTC-L615DH)
Standalone DVR (SVR-5004ST)


With superior quality and a competitive price, HNB purchased new analog cameras and DVRs to enhance their security level from Shany's distributor in Fentons Limited, Sri Lanka. Once the decision was made, over fifteen hundred units of MTC-L615DH and SVR-5004ST were installed in all of their branches in Sri Lanka to monitor the entrances, the lobbies, the counters and the ATMs.

The MTC-L615DH is equipped with a 1/3" Progressive Scan Sensor and 24 IR LEDs, designing to use indoors or outdoors where video is required at low illumination levels. The MTC-L615DH provides 600TV lines of high resolution recording and up to 20m of visible range at night by using its 24 built-in IR LEDs. It would be a perfect fit in critical areas such as the main entrance and the ATMs.

The SVR-5004ST comes with 4-channel video and audio inputs, and facilitates real-time recording and playback with the resolution up to 720 x 576. In particular, utilizing Shany's own enhanced H.264 video codec, the SVR-5004ST is able to provide smooth video streams with minimal bandwidth occupation, fully complying with the requirements of Hatton National Bank PLC.


Surveillance video shows the frightening moments in an armed robbery at bank in Sri Lanka. The pictures of the suspects that were recorded clearly by SHANY’s camera.